Wednesday, March 31, 2010


For my 5th month birthday, I got 2 new toys and got to play in the snow for an hour. I love snow and it's been a couple of months since I've seen one. It would have been cool if I wasn't wearing this harness and leash. Still, I had fun exploring, digging, and rolling around. Mom, always the planner, wanted me to see the snow before it melted away. I think she wanted to see it too. We are on our way to visit with my other Grandpa when we exited as soon as we saw snow. Mind you, it wasn't on the side of the road because that would be dangerous and illegal. I laughed a few times when both Mom and Dad lost their balance walking because the snow was soft. I heard a few !~^#**^~@*%&! words from them as they slipped. lol Typical Californians, not even wearing the proper gear. Come to think of it, don't even think they have snow shoes.

Then, instead of going to Grandpa's we go to a dog park and it's huge. They don't even have a fence and you can go off leash. I was in heaven. I met a few rat terriers and this little one I've never seen before. It is so tiny I just want to scoop him up. Afterwards, Mom stopped at a cemetery to visit her mom. I was too tired to go with her so I just stayed in the car. I was so excited to meet Grandpa. He sat next to me in the car and I kept kissing him. Dad dropped us off at a cousin's place so we can rest and socialize while he goes to the hotel, check us in, and watch the Final Four. I ate my dinner, kinda early (6pm) while they eat theirs. Dad came back to walk me a little later. I was so tired. I slept like a baby not in my crate but between mom and dad. For some reason, mom allowed me to stay in bed---must be because it's my birthday or because it's a hotel bed. ;-) She fears an accident might happen which it did not. I saved that for the following night. Hahaha...I love birthdays. I'm lucky to have them every month.

At the dog park ------

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Anonymous said...

Glad you enjoyed your snow time. You looked so cute and comfy when you are sleepy. Belated Happy 5th month!