Thursday, March 25, 2010

Puppy Class #5

Oscar and I were playing before class and his human noticed a pink stain on his neck. She said it must be blood. So she grabbed Oscar to check while Mom was inspecting me. No wounds on Oscar. No wounds on me. Mom held me close to Oscar's mommy to check my mouth. That's it! I'm losing my puppy teeth and I'm bleeding. Then Deacon came in and I played with him. This time, Mom saw the stain on Deacon just above his nose. Mom asked the teacher what to do but she said nothing---nature taking it's course. She said it's easier to see it on white dogs. Anyway, I had so much fun last night because I got to play more with my pals and there a lot of treats during "Stay: Distance, Duration, Distraction" lesson. The T.A. was throwing treats at me and he kept saying "Good boy, good wait." Not once did I cross the barrier because if I did, I would hear "Uh oh". Then it was Mom's turn to throw the treat and she gave me lots of goodies. Even my Dad, for the first time, participated during my exercise. I did really well I thought. Only thing I haven't mastered is the peeing. Hahaha... I peed again just before class. Thank goodness, I didn't poo like Lola did for the second time. ;-) My Mom doesn't pick Deacon or Brownie during grab and hold because they are getting bigger and heavier. She goes for Suki or Cash every time because they are still tiny like me. =) It was a great night.
Me and Oscar
Me, Deacon, and Oscar

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