Thursday, March 4, 2010

2nd Day of Puppy Class

My teacher called me Mr. Social last night. Apparently, I'm the most sociable pup in the room. We had 2 new pupmates. Finnegan, a yellow lab and Oscar, a white hairy dog. I'll find out his breed next week. They were both scaredy-cats. LOL I greeted them but they were so timid, so, I just played with Cash and Deacon. Cash and I almost got into a fight and the T.A. separated us. Cash started it. He growled at me funny. Remember, it's never my fault. ;-) I'm a player, not a fighter.

We practiced Sit, Stand, and Down. We were grabbed again by other humans. I was the last one to be picked cos' I rather be free and walk around. Finally, this big dude got me and I squirmed. I settled down after about a couple of minutes. Suki is such a whiner. She wouldn't stop so the teacher and the one holding her exchanged puppies. She was still whining but in lower tone. My mom was surprised to hear that the teacher doesn't endorse The Dog Whisperer. She says they don't show it on camera but they use electric tazer for unruly canine. She talked about her pit bull and how they get a bad rep. The breed that's a biter is a Chow. Why? She said they were bred to be eaten in ancient times. She also said that the best dog food are grain free and avoid by-products because they are made of chicken feces. YUCK!

I peed again. Just once. Mom had to clean it. Good thing I didn't poo like Lola did. lol My dad attended tonight's class but he was just watching. We were taught to Leave it/Take it. I wouldn't sit still. When dad saw that I was ignoring mommy, he came over to hold me down. Then he asked the T.A. to help me out. I paid attention to the T.A. then my mom took over. I guess this exercise is used to ask us to leave something alone. I like to take the remote control or the cordless phone from the coffee table and mom would always say, 'No'. I'm not sure I'm getting all these commands yet but I sure like the treats. I know how to Sit Stand and Down but I get distracted easily that I don't do them in class. Anyhoo, I enjoyed the class.

Third video is of Shasta, a neighbor dog who barks a lot. I really wanna be friends with her but she keeps barking. I keep trying. I also made a birthday greeting for Sophie.

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