Sunday, March 21, 2010

Only Me and Mom

I was at the dog park by my lonesome self yesterday. After exploring and marking certain spots, I just chilled. Mom threw the ball a few times but I wasn't really interested. Then she wanted to practice the Recall word but I just ignored her. I rather chew on half of the tennis ball and kick back. Then a 10 year old rescued chow/retriever mixed called Yoyo came in with his human. I wanted to play with him but he was more interested going from tree to tree looking for squirrels. While my mom and his human talked, I followed Yoyo around. It was a beautiful morning.

Grandpa came for a short visit today. I was so happy to see him. I jumped up and down and gave him puppy kisses. Then, he moved from the couch to a chair. I guess my excitement overwhelmed him. I offered him my chipmunk toy to play with but he wasn't interested. So I just hovered around him trying to get his attention. He petted me a few times. After about 20 minutes, dad and grandpa left. Mom gave me a raw turkey neck to occupy me. She was at the door and I just looked at her and proceeded to chomp my turkey. She left the tv on. It was on the news, then Man vs. Food, then it changed to Dogs 101.

They went out to dinner with Grandpa. They were gone for about 3 hours. Mom came in first and I greeted her but she just sort of ignored me. I followed her into the kitchen. After a couple of minutes, she petted me and asked how I like my turkey. Then dad came in and greeted me with excitement in his voice, "Hi Sinjin, how's my boy?" He sat down on the couch and I jumped on him and peed on his shirt. I guess I just got excited. All he said was "Oh no" then he called for mom. Mom came in and asked dad, "Did you tell him NO in a commanding voice?" I was about to pee again on the carpet and she said "NO" in such a loud voice and picked me up to go to the backyard where she said "Go potty here" as I continued to relieve myself. I then went back to my turkey.

P.S. I don't like my new crate.

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