Thursday, March 18, 2010

Class Time

Before class, mom took me down by the beach to tire me out. I met rescue dogs from this nice couple: a lab Lola, a mother (16 month old) and her son 9 month old Eddie a mixed chihuahua, Lucky, unknown breed. My mom was being polite and said that Lola was chubby. Her human said, "Lola is fat, that's why we come here to exercise her and she loves the water. We try to feed her once a day but it's difficult with 4 dogs. She tends to finish their food." Mom suggested separating them during feeding time. Anyway, I had fun trying to get Lola's ball and chasing the chihuahuas. Guess what mom, you did not tire me out. I still had energy in class.

"Drop it, Steady, and Heel" were last night's lessons. Before class, Deacon's dad sold us his old crate for $5. Deacon got too big for it. Deacon is my favorite friend in class. While Teach was yacking, Deacon and I were playing in the back. I like the fact that Deacon has a soft mouth and doesn't really bite. Plus, I love playing with his droopy ears. He likes me too. He is often on his back right away when we first meet and we like to gang up on Cash. ;-) I missed Oscar, he was absent. Suki, the shy Bernese and whiner came in next and I was surprise to see her more sociable. She greeted everyone. Mom said she grew bigger in a week. Apparently, Suki has been taking one on one lesson with the Teach 3 times a week. No wonder she got so excited and happy when she first saw the Teach. During the grab and hold session, Suki didn't whine and wiggle as much either.

Steady is used for pleasure walks. We practiced this one by one. Deacon and I were playing again before our turn. T.A. gave each owner pig's ear to entice us pups. Then while I have the treat in my mouth mom would say "drop it". We also practiced our Recall and I did not respond to my mom's word. Teach thought that mom's voice sounded mad and that's why I didn't come to her. Actually, it was more because I was distracted by the different treats the humans were giving their pups. I wanted what they have. Before we left for the night, Teach reminded our parents that our window of primary socialization is closing forever. We need to be introduce to at least 100 people of different races old and young. I'm not worried. I'm Mr. Social after all. In less than a month, I have been to 4 different dog parks 2 times a week, been to a kid's party with 24 kids and their parents, met 8 neighbors, met 2 uncles and their wives, met 4 cousins, met 6 of mom and dad's friends, and not to mention the countless of people who stop to greet and pet me while I'm on my walks. I must be really cute.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sinjin,
I love your life. It's full of adventures and love. I see you are meeting new friends all the time. Your parents are lucky to have you.