Tuesday, March 16, 2010

It Can't Get Any Better Than This

Back to back to back day at the dog park at 3 different locations. First, I met with Hootie a Cocker Spaniel, Julio a miniature Chihuahua, and Lady a mixed Poodle on Saturday. Interesting note what Julio's parents said---they bought him at a Flea Market because they felt sorry for him. I don't think it's legal to sell pups at a flea market. Mom will look into that. Later that afternoon, I played with Kayla at a park with agility course. And today, I met lots of dogs at a muddier park. What can I say? I had so much fun. There was one incident when I got into with this Pug who enter my space while my mom was giving me a treat. Mom had to carry me up so I won't bite that little pug. Boy, was I mad! I never barked so loud. How dare she try to get my mom's attention! Other than that, I had great fun chasing the other dogs. I made friends with a Beagle called Charlie, Siomai a mixed Shih Tzu, Lobo, a miniature American Eskimo, and Lily a mixed Jack Russell. What a beautiful Day! To top it all off, we went to a pet store and I got new treats and 2 toys. I am soooo happy.

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