Monday, March 8, 2010

Fun Filled Saturday

I love Saturdays. Played with Pepe early in the morning. This time, mom brought her camera. I was on the big dog area for a little while but missed Pepe so I went back to continue rough housing with him. He left early because his human had to go to work. We met a black and tan shiba named Suki but she was snotty. Her companion was more amiable. My dad let me out off leash again. Mom was against it. We played ball for awhile then I went to the enclosed baseball park and ignored my parents calling out for me. My dad had to climb over the fence to try to corral me. I went out of the park the same way I got in---a small opening underneath the fenced door. Then I ran to the trail leading to the lake. They called out for me and they pretended to leave but I just kept going towards the lake. I saw a rabbit and chased it. After 15 minutes of freedom, my dad finally caught me by the bushes. He was all riled up and was reprimanding me. For a second there, I thought he was gonna hit me. Mom just put my leash on and said to my dad, "he is not suppose to be off leash and I hope you learned your lesson." Dad is just as stubborn as I am. He came from old school where you let your dog run free and feed them scraps. My mom, on the other hand, is strict--no off leash in public and holistic food.

In the afternoon, we visited with Sparky and Bebe. I played mostly with Sparky and we took a walk. Sparky lives near a hill with a panoramic view of the city. I had so much fun exploring unfamiliar trails. Then my parents left to run a few errands and to buy my dinner. Mom checked Sparky's food and she did not like the ingredients. They came back with treats for all of us. Sparky chomped on his bone, Bebe was hanging on to hers, and I went into the backyard to hide mine. I kept bugging Sparky and he finally got pissed at me. His human put him on time out to another room. Mom said it was ok, it wasn't Sparky's fault. Good thing Sparky was only gone for 10 minutes while I eat my dinner. This is the first time I've had dinner without kibbles. This new canned food was really good. Mom gave Sparky my bone but I didn't care since I have tons at home. I was really tired when we got home. I just slept after my little snack.

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