Sunday, February 28, 2010

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Hey Diary,

Today is my birthday, Happy Birthday to me! My mom made me a card. I got the new Mr. Bill toy and lots of treats today. Dad took me for a walk earlier today for 2 hours. Mom gave me boiled chicken with my kibbles for brunch. She's never given me human food before. I love it! Saw a lot of dogs and people on my walk today. I got lots of compliments. I did my business and Dad was holding the bag for 10 minutes or so before he found a garbage. :) As usual, I got away from dad again since mommy loosen my harness. It's a good thing it's near our house because I know my way home. My dad called for me but I gnored him. He started to walk off and I just followed him home. Dad yells to my mom, "come get your dog, he won't come inside!" Mom sticks her head out and I come inside. is frustrated again. I don't mean to make him mad but I can't help it, I have my own will and I will come to you when I want to. Translation: I'm stubborn. LOL

The fun really began yesterday when I went to for a walk at Cesar Chavez Park. I encountered my first squirrel. I didn't see him at first cos' he was playing dead and I stumbled over him. I had him by the neck for a brief second and got away. I caught up with him and he was in this defensive position lying on his back, paws up and hissing. If I weren't on a leash, I'm sure I would have more fun with him. Dad was restraining me and all I can do is bark. We let him go. Mom filmed parts of it. Then I visited with my aunt and 2 baby cousins. The 3 year old girl is scared of me but the 16 month old boy petted me. We only stayed for half an hour. Then, we went to my dad's friend's place. They have 2 big dogs, Sparky, a rescue dog and Bebe who is from Brazil. Bebe is 9 and only understands Portuguese but she seems to understand me. We played and played and played and got all muddy. I like playing with the big dogs. Then mom and dad ran a few errands. I went to Petco with them and they got me Mr. Bill. I think they were looking for a toy cake. No such luck. Needless to say, I was soooooooooooo tired when we got home. I did not have my normal nap. It was a great birthday weekend.

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