Thursday, February 3, 2011

While the Cat is Away

Sienna will play.   Apparently, she's been playing in the yard while I'm at the park with Dad.  Mom's been sneaking her out of her pen when I'm not home.  I can smell her scent.  I am still jealous but today we played for a little bit and it was fun.  She was doing Shiba 500 inside the pen.  I even offered her one of my toys. Mom said it's not the first time.  She did it before while I was gone.  


Smelling Big brother's bully stick

Flossing, not! ;)





Her first Shiba 500


Telling sis to knock it off


Yoshi and Family said...

I love the Shiba 500! Sienna is FAST! So cute! Love all the videos and pictures! Thanks for adding Sinjin in the pics as well. I miss seeing Sinjin on the cam too. Please give Sinjin and Sienna lots of belly rubs from me.

ra husky said...

shiba zoomies look like fun little one! we bet you'd be grand fun to rough house with:) play bows,


Prince Zuko said...

She's pretty cute Sinjin! You better make sure she knows u r boss!!

Anonymous said...

Rangda - the Shiba 500 was SO CUTE.

Sam Parker