Friday, February 11, 2011


It's getting better everyday.  I still play a little rough with her cos' she can be so annoying.  But now, I can go to her pen and play as long as there's no food around.  Today we played for 2 hours all over the house.  Sienna would hide behind her crate or under the sofa to regroup before she attacks me.  She has very sharp teeth.  In fact, I think her bite is worst than mine.  At one point, I heard both Mom and Dad screamed OUCH at different times when they were playing with her.  She's teething and her favorite chew is the dining chair.  Mom sprayed  bitter apple all over the furniture.

That's right, I like chewing, what's it to you?



Offering Sienna my toy

Sienna's first raw egg

I want to play with Sienna, lift me up Dad!

Aww, it's night time and I want to be in bed with you guys.



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tikarex said...

Do you have baby piranha teeth Sienna...hee hee...Sinjin..seeing you offering Sienna your toy to play was adorable!! You are both pretty special!!