Sunday, February 6, 2011


An early walk, 2 dog parks, Petco, and my night walk in one day is all I can take for now.  I'm tired.  I was having so much fun but my photographer wasn't with me.  Sienna came with us to the parks but Mom was carrying her.  Mom put a leash on her and she did not like it at all.  She even screamed. Typical Shiba. LOL We later got together at an empty children's park.  Then during the night, Sienna and I had controlled playtime.  At one point, she tried to grab my wazoo thinking it's her mom's milk bar.  Whoa!  I put a stop to that by jumping up.  Don't wanna get nip down there when I already lost my balzac.





At 2nd dog park 


Sunset as we left the park


When we got home, there was a lizard waiting for me to play with. Not to worry, I let it go.

Sienna was dead tired from her first outing with us.

I'm not your mommy Sienna





marchez00 said...

Congrats with Sienna! Just catching up here. :) The videos with Sinjin and Sienna playing are absolutely freaking adorable!!! Looks like Sinjin is finally coming around to Sienna's charms. Thanks for entertaining us.

tikarex said...

How nice Sinjin to see you and Sienna playing!! Loved all the pictures but my favorite had to be the one of you both laying side by side on your backs - just precious!!

Anonymous said...

Not a dog expert, but here is one viewer's humble opinion, FWIW.Good to see them playing together. Restraining Sinjin could cause problems; he might get too rough if he is frustrated and thwarted.On his own, he instinctively knows she is a puppy, so he won't hurt her.She'll squeak if he bites too hard or plays too rough.But he was there first, and they have to sort out who is top dog by themselves and for themselves. Enjoy your 2 adorable shibas! Great blog.

Yoshi and Family said...

Thank you Rangda for all the many new pictures of Sinjin and Sienna! Both so beautiful shibas. Love the new videos too. Nice to see the 2 of them playing together!

Anonymous said...

Awwwwwww....YES, Sienn & Sinjin playing together! So precious! Great pics & videos as always. Thanks Rangda!