Saturday, February 26, 2011

Almost Spring

It stopped raining and so we went for a walk.  Love all the smells after the rain.  I was so excited than normal.  I pulled Mom all over.  I positively love grazing and sitting on somewhat wet grass.  The following day, I got some dog park action.  Initially, I was happy to play with the other dogs but after 15 minutes I was ready to go.  Mom was 'shock' to see me lead her to the double gate.  She didn't have to trick me to put my leash on.  I think I was just sleepy and wanted my nap.

Addicted to grass


Ran a few errands with Mom (Starbucks).  =)

Doesn't this dog realize that everything is mine?  I started whining and then barking at this dog who was chewing on a pine cone.

Giving Mom the razz for trying to leave when I'm not ready. ;-p


At Dog Park C with 5-month old Chewie


My ritual of getting petted by strangers ;)  



ABronte said...

Aww Sinjin, I'm glad you had fun at the park. You look so cute giving your mom a raspberry. lol

tikarex said...

You are such a handsome boy Sinjin and you looked so content just laying on the grass relaxing!!

Anonymous said...

I think you wanted to leave the dog park early 'cause you were missing the rest of your pack, Sinjin! Or maybe you knew Siena was at home twisting Dad around her little paw.