Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday Fun

I love when workers come by our place.  One of them forgot to close the gate. I got away again.  No one even noticed cos' Mom was in another room feeding Sienna.  When she came out, she couldn't find me. She asked the 2 workers and that's when she realized I was out and about roaming the streets.  She called my name and I came around the corner to let her see me but I didn't go inside the gate.  Then she left and came out with Sienna as bait.  Ha!  That trick is not gonna work.  She even let Sienna walk around the front yard but silly sis went back indoors.  Hahaha...That's when the 2 workers tried to corral me but I outmaneuvered them.  Zigzag baby, zigzag.  I tell you fellow shibas, it works big time. One of them lay down on the ground so I would come to him while the other was behind me---didn't work. One had a treat, didn't work.  Then Mom came back again with Sienna and let her off our neighbor's front yard. Sienna was sniffing around and then took off.  I was laughing.  Two shibas on the loose. Too bad little sister's little paws couldn't get her anywhere but she tried.  Bless her heart!  Mom caught her right away.  She took Sienna back inside the house and she came out wearing her tennis shoes instead of her flip flops.  Oh oh, she means business now.  She called my name again and I stood there frozen for a second.  She used her higher pitch voice "come sweetie pie, come baby" to no avail.  I just stared at her. Then she started running towards the side gate and went inside the backyard.  I heard a squeaky sound and I couldn't see her so I went inside the yard.  That's when the worker closed the gate behind me.  She praised me for following her and we played fetch for a few minutes. Then she put me on a leash.  Thus, my little escapade ended.

Still tied up while I nap

Warning Sienna to stay off my chew

Teething Sienna

Checking out what's going on outside

Smelling my bed while I'm at the back

Stealing my bully stick and running back to her pen






Was really tired from having a cow about Sienna


Yoshi and Family said...

Sienna and Sinjin you 2 are just precious and so darn cute! Love the pictures and videos and of course all the stories. Keep them coming!

Jerry said...

I could watch your videos and look at your pictures all day Sienna and Sinjin! I just love you both so much! Love your story about Sienna thinking you were her mommy, Sinjin! Palma