Monday, December 20, 2010

Happy Christmas

Busy busy busy.  Taking a last look at my old neighborhood.  We are outta here by Christmas Eve. =(  I will miss it terribly.  We can still come by the park but we have to drive to it.  The new place has a bigger backyard, I'm so excited.   Mom had to deal with the cable guy today.  She's not in a good mood.  She didn't get any sleep either.  I kept barking all night.  There were some activities going on after midnight. Dad tried to shut me up but I had to do my duty and bark at the commotion outside.  I was protecting my peeps.  I heard someone knocking and a lady calling out someone's name. I heard other dogs started barking too. Our next door neighbor, the one who helped corral me when I once bolted had an accident.  The ambulance came.  Mom finally peeked through the gate in her jammies.  They took our neighbor to the hospital.  Half an hour later, a cop knocked on our door and asked Mom a few questions about him or if she heard anything.  He should talk to me, I heard a lot of stuff but too bad the cop can't speak my lingo.  ;-)  I hope our neighbor is okay.


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tikarex said...

Merry Christmas Sinjin!! Have lots of fun in your new home. Loved the picture of the beautiful wreath with the bird and cute little hat on your!!