Sunday, December 12, 2010

New Neighbor

 Mom's busy packing but we had time for Pet Food Express, where I met 2 Danes.  They are really grand and Bella was playful.  I wanted to play some more but we had errands to do and we briefly stopped by our new neighborhood.  Can't wait to mark all my new territory.  ;)

Bella kissing me

Saturday's dog park fun
Another Lily

Copper, he is a toy stealer like me.  (^_^)

Met a cream shiba/lab mix.  Mom forgot his name.  ;p

Meet my new buddy, Buddy, a 5-month old Pom.  Mom is gaga for him.  They live across the street.

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tikarex said...

That's great Sinjin, you will have a new playmate right across the street!! Love the pics of the Danes...beautiful dogs!!