Monday, December 27, 2010

New Digs

Whew!  I have finally unpacked all my toys and Mom is not too happy about it.  It's all over the place and she didn't bother picking it up.

Playing with Badtz Maru.  He was the only toy left at the old place.  


This is me resting after I unpacked all my toys

Got some dog park action a couple of days before Christmas.  Played with Charlotte.

Gotta stay away, these 2 dogs are getting a cold hose down, brrr....

Unfortunately, it was muddy at the park because of the nonstop rain.  You know what's coming...the dreaded bath.

New friend, another Lily, the fifth one :)




tikarex said... are brave and fearless...what were those funny noises you were making while having your bath???

Sinjin said...

I was making all those noises to let my parents know that I despise bathing. Hmmph! They never listen.

gina said...

oh ho ho Sinjin~ your bath video makes me laugh :D

Jerry said...

Sinjin, you and Sophie are two of a kind. She sounds just like you when it is time to go to bed....noises...noises..until I give in! You two are funny little kids!