Friday, December 17, 2010

Short Leash

Brrrr...Nothing like the cold morning to wake you up.  Got some beach time action.  It's been awhile because of the rain. 



  Mom has been calling me 'Scarface' lately. Not funny Mom.  I don't like that nickname.  

Gotta admit, I was comfortable.
Mom and I watching Letterman

Wednesday night we went to the dog park and Trouble was the only one there.  He was so happy to see us.  He was excited to see Mom.  Trouble's mom was inside her car and she came out for a bit to talk to my Mom.   We've only seen her 3 times and she usually leave Trouble at the park by himself.  She does come in to pick up his poo,  and then waits in the car.  Weird, I know.  Mom needs to be nosy and find out why she doesn't come in the park and watch Trouble play.  Anyhoo, we ran around and round since we had the park to ourselves.  Mom called out for me to stay by the light.  It was too dark.  She wants to keep an eye on me in case I do my business.  Finally, Mom couldn't take the cold anymore and we left after half an hour.  Poor Trouble, all by himself again.




Me and my shadow

For the first time in one of our long walks, I was on a short double leash to keep me from pulling. I did not like it all.  I want my 30ft leash back.  :)


Ignoring Mom.  I did not want to go home yet.  We stood there for  over 5 minutes.   And guess who gave in first? That's right, it wasn't me.  LOL


tikarex said...

Trouble likes to get on the picnic tables just like you Sinjin...and he has the ball in his cute!!
LOL... you just sitting there Sinjin..not wanting to move in the last video!! Enjoying the scenery weren't you?!

shibasenji said...

Eek! Trouble's mom could get in a lot of... well... trouble, for leaving him in the park by himself! Aren't there rules about that?

I like the double-leash action you've got going there. Interesting... and obviously ineffective against the will of a Shiba. ;)