Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Not a walk in the park

Went to the vet.  Not fun.  A German Shepard almost attacked me while he was on the weight scale.  He wasn't happy to be at the vet's office either. Got a 2-wk shot of antibiotic for my cut and additional ointment. Got prodded by the nurse and Mom was hugging me when my temperature was taken.  I was a good boy.  Dr. S even said so.  He is a new doctor, not my regular one.  I gave him kisses.  He said I was really friendly for a shiba because he has encountered other shibas and they weren't as good natured as I am.   As a reward, I got a new xmas toy and Mom took me for a stop and sniff walk in my hood.  

Let me out!

Seriously, let me out.

Dad playing with my ears

Yawn...time for a nap



Caught in the act again (^_^)

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