Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Yay!  Mom received her shiba stickers and 2 charms that she ordered from a friend in Japan.  Too cool.  My name is also written in Japanese (Katakana) characters.  Isn't that cool? Thanks Yuki! 

I met Shyla at the park.  Stacks was there too.  Shyla can play a bit rough sometimes.  She likes to grab dogs by the neck.  Mom was worried at first.  But Shyla's human was vigilant and kept an eye out on his dog.  I played with Stacks too.  He has grown bigger since the last time I met him.  He can easily knock me down with his body weight.  Still, I gave it my all: ninja back move, nip in the leg, and my scary fang attack. LOL   One on one, I have a chance, but when they gang up on me, I am done.  Have to look for Mommy for cover. :)


After an hour at the park, my old buddy Rasta arrived with his big sister Aggie.  It took a few minutes then we played like old pals.  I haven't seen him in awhile because his mom has been taking him to another dog park.   It was really nice seeing him.  We can play without being too rough and he is just the right size for me.  


Contemplating stealing Aggie's frisbee

First time meeting Lassen, a Bouvier.

A few days earlier, we went to our park and I met Lucy.  She was too busy chasing squirrels.  I joined in the fun for a few minutes but lost interest.  I met an old pal of mine from way back when.  It was good to see Pepe but we didn't get to play because he was on the other side of the fence.  His human said he can only handle one on one.


Pepe inviting me to play with him.

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tikarex said...

Stickers and great they would be to have!! Lassen looks like a pretty big baby!! Did you have fun Sinjin looking for the squirrel in the tree? So nice you got to see some old friends and meet some new ones!!