Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I got to play with Belle again, the black and tan pup on Saturday and met a new friend Bella.  They are both 5 months old.  As usual, I did my ninja back move flip to entice them to play.  Mom and Dad were surprised by my gentlemanly manners by letting Belle drink from my water bottle.  They were saying to Belle's mom that I usually try to shoo other dogs away when they try to drink from my water bottle.  Mom usually has to wait for me to be out of sight before she lets other dogs drink from my bottle.  So now they think I must really like Belle a lot and that she's my new girlfriend.  I thought to myself, she's one of my many girlfriends.  I prefer to remain footloose and fancy free for awhile. =) Then on Sunday, we went to another park and I met an old classmate of mine, Cash, from Puppy I class.  It seems ages ago when we were just young lads.  I remember we got on each other at our first day of meeting.  Mom did not recognized him but she remembered his mom so they got to talking.  Cash and I recognized each other and we greeted one another but we didn't really play. 
Belle checking me out ;-p

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