Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Morning Routine

This particular day, Mom photographed one of our many routine walks.  We are lucky to live near a couple of parks.   Sometimes, we take a short drive to get closer to a trail that Mom really likes.  I don't care for it because there aren't enough grass and it's a 6-mile trek round trip.  I rather stick to the neighborhood streets with beautiful green lawns to roll around in. :)

Starting point

Crossing the street

Corner house where Shasta lives.  She barks at me constantly when I pass by her yard.
Across from Shasta's house

Entrance to the park

No Dogs Allowed.  How could you?  It's a freakin' park.  As long as Mommy picks up my doodoo, I should be able to walk around  people's park with leash on.  I've seen other dogs at this park.  Dog owners don't pay attention to the sign.   Anyhoo, this is my favorite route because of the beach where I can find all kinds of goodies.  
Waiting for Mom, she's sooo slow. ;) Walk this path and turn right and you are at the beach.

Going back up to the park waiting for Mom

Cleanliness is next to Shibaness

We have a few options which street to take to continue our walk.
One of my favorite thing to do during our walk is to flop down a nice lawn.

 Checking out the barking dog across the street

Saw a guy fishing

Another dog was barking



Rest stop
Visiting by my favorite tree, no squirrels today

Another rest stop smelling the grass


Going back home
After my EARLY walk, nap time.


tikarex said...

Sinjin..thanks so much for allowing us to walk along with you!! It's a beautiful neighbourhood...especially love the entrance to the park and beach. The flowers are lovely along the way...be sure to enjoy it everyday!!

Roxy said...

I'm so envious of you living in the sunshine and close to a beach. We're in the not so sunny UK and 120miles from any beach :(

Sinjin, the shiba wanderer :) said...

I am very lucky to live near the beach. I hope we won't move too far when it's time. I used to be a Midwest dog but I have to admit, I like California living.