Friday, September 24, 2010

What's in the name

Nothing like fresh air and walking by the beach to start my morning.  The waves, the sand, the smell of the ocean, and the goodies I find makes me a happy camper.  Sometimes I meet other dogs but mostly joggers and walkers.  I like saying "hi" to passerby and watching the cars go by.  I met two small dogs named Guppy and Spork.  Mom thought Spork was a funny name.  Then there's Maybe.  She was named Maybe because the human's kids couldn't decide what to call her..."maybe we should name her Callie, or maybe we should call her Ruby."  So they settled on Maybe.  I played with Gibbs who was named after an NCIS character.  Then Alibi came in and Mom didn't bother to ask why he was called Alibi.  I'm sure there's an interesting story behind it.  







Spork and Guppy ganging up on me


Gibbs resting after our play

 A few days later as we were walking towards the parking lot, I decided to rest by the grass.  Then, a car passing by drove slowly into the lot and asked Mom if I was shiba inu.  He parked the car and out came Suki, a black and tan I met months ago.  Suki's dad asked Mom if I was friendly.  Of course I am!  Suki and I greeted each other but I was more interested in her dad.  I smell a treat.  lol   


tikarex said...

Loved the pics of you at the beach Sinjin...such a good boy to go in the you would not want to get wet!!! Great bunch of friends the names!!

Jerry said...

Hi Rangda and Sinjin..sorry it has been so long since I have visited you! Your black and whites are gorgeous but how can they not be! Sinjin is so beautiful...he is growing up but still a puppy at heart!
Thanks for all the photos and videos..I promise I won't stay away so long!! Palma