Friday, September 17, 2010


I'm sure you all know how much I hate wearing a harness.  Thus, Mom gets me a new one.  She thinks I would like this one. NOT.  I hate them.  Waah!  Mom left it on me overnight so I can get use to wearing it. I was sulking  and stayed inside my crate during the night to let her now how much I hate them.  Even Dad noticed how solemn I was.  I didn't even offer any of my toys to him to play with.  I ate my dinner and sulked.  Mom chuck it up to me being a teenager and moody. The next morning, she took off the harness and I was all happy again.  I offered her my toy to play fetch.  I was back to my normal self.  I want her to know that I really really really don't like wearing a harness.  


  Chase's mom told my Mom that a bunch of thugs burned a port-a-potty a few weeks ago.  The Dog Park and the Skate Park are next to each other.  Who's brilliant idea is this?  Not only that, the chairs at the big dog area are all gone.  I bet the benches would be gone too if they aren't bolted to the ground.

Meet Professor Sinjin of Canine Studies. Mom is having fun with me again.  

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tikarex said...

Sinjin....I just love you..hope you get used to the new harness soon! You are quite the man in your bow tie...Mr. Handsome himself!!