Friday, September 10, 2010

Yogi Bear

Yogi looks like a girl.  hahaha...Mom and Dad did not recognized him.  They thought it was a new dog.  Mom had to look at his collar to make sure it was Yogi.  She thought he was still cute anyway with his new haircut.  Even his human told Mom that he was disappointed after he picked up Yogi from the groomer's. I thought he looks fine.  Without all that hair, now you can tell he is a dog and not a beeeyotch.  ;-P
Ok, enough Yogi pictures.  My turn.  I ain't no chop liver.  
I had to bump off Yogi, this table is mine, I claimed it. Check out my smooth back move. :)


bertieMC2 said...

Smooth back move there Sinjin! Let Yogi know that that's your table. lol

tikarex said...

Beautiful pictures!! Love to watch you digging in the dirt Sinjin...your feet are just a flying!!