Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tired but happy

This is what I looked like during our trip on our way home.  I was tired.  Mom was just happy that I came out of my crate and use the cool pad.  I didn't use it on our way to LA nor at the picnic so Mom used it on her lap in the car.  However, the seat belt harness annoyed the shiba out of me. For some reason, there were a lot of tomato trucks on the road and Mom was amused by this.

Waiting at the gas stop

This is Yuki, a 3 year old rescue.  Unfortunately, she is not socialized according to her humans. They admitted that they haven't even taken her to a socialization class nor a dog park.  I kept trying to play with her.  Rambo tried to play with her too.  ;-) 

Special appearance by Sakura when I started digging.  Did I tell you how much I love to dig?

I also had the best time with Ai.  She's a tiny 3-year old black and tan.  I must have nipped her mouth or tongue because she yelped so we had timeout.  She was ok.  No blood drawn.  Her human allowed her to continue playing with me.  We were at it for a long time. :-)


Next 3 pix courtesy of Ai's dad

Rambo and more shibas


Yoshi and Family said...

Awesome! Love all the pics and videos! Thanks for sharing!

tikarex said...

Glad you enjoyed the day Sinjin....the photos and videos are great!!