Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Aussie Play

I had the best time playing with 2 Aussie Sheps the other day---a 5-month old and a one year old.  Unfortunately, I sat down by the mud to cool off.  That means, bath time again.  Waah!

Mom would have filmed the whole public bath but she had to help Dad. He was getting all wet.  You didn't get to hear my shiba scream which came later. :) Two clerks checked in to see who was screaming.  They thought my parents were torturing me which they were. Ha! I cannot emphasized  enough how much I hate bathing especially in public.  

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Yoshi and Family said...

Sinjin, glad you had such a wonderful time with the 2 aussies. They're a wonderful breed like you are as well. You rolled around a lot in the park. I would have liked to hear your Shiba-Scream! LOL I hope you and Yoshi will get to play some day real soon.