Friday, July 16, 2010

Meeting New Playmates

Aside from rolling on the grass, I like snacking on them once in awhile.  Mom lets me have a few bites and doesn't yank on my chains as long as it's not yucky stuff  I'm eating. :)

I saw some geese during our walk the other day.  I like watching them.  I know better than go into the water. Besides, Mom doesn't let me off leash.  She's afraid I might eat a dead bird, fish, or poo.  Worst yet, I might get a hook stuck in my mouth.  It happened once already.  Sometimes, people fishing by the pier can be careless and leave discarded hooks on the ground instead of the garbage.

I have been playing with the big dogs lately.  We are taking a break from the small dog area.  Dad doesn't want to deal with the teeny yappers.  I played with Koda.  There was a yapper at the small area. :)  I also got to play with Oscar.  At one point there were 4 big dogs (German Shepard, Thai Ridgeback, Yellow Lab, and Oscar) surrounding me.  Once they start barking, I sat down and just let them smell me and poke me a little bit.  No point of me getting hurt.  It's almost like an initiation to the pack.  I was the "new" dog so they got to pick on me.  After awhile, it was all good.  Surprisingly, there was an English Bulldogge pup.  I got to play with her too.  Even though she was only 11wks old, she was able to take me down with her body weight.  lol   Mom was worried I was gonna hurt her when she should worry about me.  She thought that pup should not be at the dog park till she's 16 weeks old.

The picnic table is my refuge.  ;-)


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