Friday, July 2, 2010


I'm becoming known as one of the most friendliest, playful dog at our local park.  I can play with almost anyone who has the same temperament as I do.  I like to greet "new" dogs as they arrive at the park by sniffing of course and by inviting them to play or chasing them.  If I find a dog who doesn't want to play because they are sick, barkers, older or too young, I would leave them alone for the most part.  A tiny cockapoo/biewer type of dog came in, ran near where I was playing & bark at me.  I saw this as an invitation to play.  So I chased her around.  I hardly even nipped at her when she yelped.  Most tiny dogs are barkers.  Her human gave me an air kick to get me away from her and she scooped her dog up.  I naturally tried to jumped up on her trying to play with her dog she's carrying.  She left in a huffed.  They were there for less than 5 minutes.  My mom and Dad saw this and another lady seating across from them.  Both of them were too dumbfounded to react.  The lady seating by the bench said, "that's not right, awfully rude of her, she shouldn't have done that."    A few seconds later, Virgil's (a pom) mom told my mom what the woman in a huffed said about me as she was walking towards the parking lot.  She said, "that's the dog you don't like, every time we are here, that dog is picking on you."  To which my mom said, " I have never seen this woman and her dog till today so I don't know what she is talking about."  And of course, Mom defended me saying that my intention is never harmful and that I always want to play.  Besides, that lady never really gave us a chance to play.  Mom got riled up and wants to see this woman again so she can show her that I am a playful dog.  Besides, Mom would use her spray bottle on me first or yell really loud if I'm playing rough with anyone.  Then Rasta, a 6-month old Puli arrived and I played with him for 40 minutes and then Barney for 15 minutes before we had to go.  Rasta is a new friend.  Rasta's mom even said how Rasta was enjoying his playtime with me because he is a shy dog.  She's not the first one to say that about me.  Charlie, a boston terrier is also shy and his humans were so surprised to see him playing with me.  

This is Aggie, Rasta's "big sister" who is good at playing frisbee.  She's hecka friendly.

Playtime with Charlie the following day with Truman.

And this is Max, I've met him before but this was the first time we played.  Taylor is the shy terrier that I have yet to play with.  She's slowly coming out of her shell.  :)

C'mon, this face says it all ;-)


Yoshi and Family said...

Sinjin, you're one of the friendliest pups I've met. That human of the tiny cockapoo is over protective. Let your pup play. Yelping lets other dogs know their threshold of pain or fearfulness. Maybe that tiny cockapoo has a low threshold of pain or was just not used to that level of play. Tiny dogs can sure dish it out at times but don't seem to be able to take it in return. LOL Sinjin, you're a great Shiba Inu and very friendly.

tikarex said...

Just love you Sinjin!! You are so adorable!!