Tuesday, July 27, 2010

SoCal Shibapalooza 2010

What can I say?  The long trip was worth it.  I had so much fun meeting and playing with so many shibas.  I got to meet human cousins who thought I was handsome and adorable.  As soon as we got to the park, I was like a mad man.  There was Aki, Nami, Hollie, Keats, Ketchup, Bamboo, Ai, Teo, Kaya, Mika, Yuki, Kiko, Toby, Yoruki, Sheeba, and Rambo to name a few. I can't remember all the names of course.  ;-)  There were a few shibas that were in the pen and I visited some of them.  I felt bad because they were locked up and didn't really get to roam around.  At the toy grab event, I was kinda surprise that there was no line unlike the one in Novato.  I went right away and grabbed a lobster.  Hmmm, there is something about light blue that I like.  
    Playing with Mika.  She's only 14wks old.

Plus Toby

With Rambo
     With Rambo and Sheeba 

 Shiba heaven
 With Sheeba, Rambo, and Kiko
 With Rambo and Yoruki
Of course before we went home, Mom and Dad took me to a dog park near our hotel.  I got to play with Coco, Sally, and Marley.  By the way, Marley almost knock down Mom when he jumped on her.


Jerry said...

Rangda, I did respond on the message board but wanted to thank you again for all your pictures and commentaries. You are the best!!

Yoshi and Family said...

Wow Rangda, Sinjin had a terrific time in southern california! Thanks for all the pictures and videos here and all the pictures on the MB as well. Looks like the picnic organizers picked a perfect spot in the park. Lots of shade! Love seeing all the shibas! Yay!

Sinjin, the shiba wanderer :) said...

As soon as I got off leash for a few minutes, I knew I was gonna have a great day. :) Chase Sinjin game is a lot of fun. The best part is I got to play, play, play, and play with different shibas of both sexes. It's a good thing Mom caught most of my adventures on film.