Wednesday, July 28, 2010


The shiba picnic was great fun and Mom is still talking about it.  Yawn. \-0  Get over it already.  I'm 9 month old today and that's more important.  Where are my new toys and my treats????  Me thinks I got shafted with that gift basket. I'll take another empty vitamin water bottle please.   Oh well, at least I got a good walking and sniffing early today and some dog park action just before sunset. However, Mom had to give me a good wipe down because I got slobbered.  I don't want to name names (it was S***ra) because she's a new playmate and would like to play with her again. The piece de resistance of the day is that I got to eat human food which is a rarity for me unless it comes from Dad's plate.  Whoohoo!

Playing with Maya, Sierra, and Hiro


Maya invited me to join her in the water but I politely declined.

Bonus clip of me at Sparky's backyard.  I was a bit naughty.  :)



tikarex said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SINJIN..haven't the past 9 months been fantastic?!! Thanks so much Rangda for all the joy you have brought us being able to share Sinjin with you through the videos and pictures!!

Anonymous said...

You are such a big boy now playing with the big boys. Am so glad I found you on MB and your blog. Your life is so full of adventures and you are certainly having fun.

Chris said...

Happy Birthday Sinjin! Rangda, thanks so much for sharing Sinjin's adventures - the photos and videos are SO much fun!