Friday, July 9, 2010

Leash On

   I got to play with my leash on because a human complained about me being "aggressive" to her teeny dog.  This is the second incident with 2 different dogs.     When other dogs big or small are picking on me, Mom lets it play out till she sees that I am overwhelmed.  She doesn't blame other humans about their dogs nipping at me.  She will interrupt the play and take me to the other side of the park.  She doesn't scream to other dog owners.  I like to play rough and these owners don't understand our shiba trait.  This time, Dad got into it with this woman while Mom tried to leash me.  The thing that pisses off my Mom is how rude this woman was.  She threatened to kick me.  Mom was gonna apologize to her but her attitude change all that.  Even my Dad took the high road when she called him a name and just let it go. Of course, it could be that my parents are too laid back while others are overprotective.  Mom played soccer with me till  Tyson, a new friend arrived.  Dad wanted to leave the park but Mom didn't  until I got my playtime (yay Mom) and when the teeny dog left.  Mom wants a separate place for teacup teeny dogs but unfortunately, there's no money for that.  I am too small to be in a big dog park area even though I go there once in awhile if there aren't any pits or boxers.   So now, Mom will have to leash me every time a teeny yelper comes to the dog park.  I am sad about that.  She better get a 100ft long leash.  hahahaha....While the incident annoyed my parents, I had the best time playing.  The only thing missing were my regular buddies.  

Earlier, I got to play by the beach and saw this dude kiteboarding. 

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tikarex said...

Looks like you had a grand time with your new friend Sinjin!!