Thursday, July 22, 2010


No, not the movie but me.  Yup, I bolted again last night.  :)  We were about to go to the dog park and Dad opened the gate without realizing that I was behind him.  Zoom!   I turned the corner street and I barked at a kid playing as my Dad approaches.  He was about 10 ft. away from me when the kid's father said to my Dad, "your dog is gonna get a kicking if he doesn't stop bugging my kid."  Dad explained that I was harmless but likes to bark at kids.  Anyhow, I left that scene and continued on to the park where the grass is greener. LOL  Dad ran after me.  Then I saw 2 ladies walking their dogs on leash and I greeted them.  BIG MISTAKE.   Dad asked them to hold me when I got closer to their dogs.  They did and Dad grabbed my collar.  He was scolding me and then I heard Mom's voice.  Dad proceeded to carry me towards Mom and she put my leash on.  That was exciting.  We start walking back to our house.  Dad thought I should be punished for running away again.  Mom thought we should go to the dog park as planned.  I agree with her. :)   Dad says to me, "boy Sinjin, your Mom is being really nice when you should be punished."  Needless to say, I had a great time at the park and got to play with different dogs. 
With Scout
   With Tasha

      With Morgan
Pics from Tuesday
Getting ready to rumble :)

No table manners

Side by side draw 



Chris said...

Sinjin tell your mom she takes absolutely stunning photos of you! You are a very lucky boy that your mom and dad love you so much!

tikarex said... must stop running away from your dad when you get a chance!! Had a great time with Scout,Tasha & Morgan..didn't you??