Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Gentlemen's Agreement

Barking at a  kid. =)  
Rolling around
Meeting Carmelo, a rescue from Taiwan 

Ignoring Mom for the upteenth time.

Dad took me for a Sunday walk early this morning.  We were gone for 40 minutes.  We get home and he is all riled up.  "Ok, what happened?" Mom says.  "I left him off leash by the beach, no one was there.  He ran away from me again.  So I let him play and explore for awhile.  Then I saw him eating a whole dead crab ashore before I got to him.  I called out to him but he wouldn't come.  I finally sat down by a tree stump and when he stuck his head by the bush, that's when I grabbed him.  We had a gentlemen's agreement that I would let him off leash and he will come back to me when I call him."  Mom laughed and says, "He's a dog, he doesn't understand your gentlemen's agreement.  Will you ever learn your lesson?"   I think Dad is taking too many meds. He loves to see me run free but he still doesn't comprehend that I'm a shiba. I came into the door and Mom greeted me with kisses because she saw how happy I was grinning from ear to ear. I had mischievous eyes and  looked too cute that she couldn't resist me.   Here's a few pictures of the dogs I met Saturday at Point Isabel.  I got to play with Triumph. He took my ball and I didn't mind it one bit. Normally, I get possessive with my toys. I liked him.  There was also lots of dogs swimming and I saw an adult shiba.  My mom gave him water to drink earlier. 

Dog swimming , shiba sighting

 Dog on wheels

 Me resting


Jerry said...

All I can say is: I LOVE ALL SINJIN'S VIDEOS and his commentaries.

I applaud his parents for all the places you take Sinjin and all the socialization and exercise you provide him.

He is a beautiful Shiba!!

Be proud of yourselves!!

tikarex said...

Sinjin...was the dead crab good?? LOL!!