Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bring Gloves

Sienna oftentimes would go to the bathroom and unroll the toilet paper.  Sometimes, she eats it.  I used to do that.  Sienna likes to eat dirt.  I occasionally dabble on it.  Sienna likes to eat shit too, not her own.  I'm so over that unless it's a good cat poo.  I have seen Mom knocked dried poo out of Sienna's mouth.  She always says "Yuck".  She carries a hand sanitizer.  One time she forgot it while on a walk and Sienna picked up a dried dead mouse.  Mom noticed the tail and she had to use a poop bag to cover her hands after she touched the mouse.  We then had to walk really fast and head back home.  She's overreacting as usual.  A little germ won't kill you.

I love sleeping.





The gate barrier goes up and Sienna goes to her room when it comes to bones because I will take what is mine.


Sasha said...

Oh no Sienna...a dead mouse...yuck!! Keep eating poop and its a sure way to end up getting your teeth brushed!!

Magic said...

oh no, chloe eats her poop too, some nasty behaviors