Saturday, September 3, 2011

Mud Bath

I was surprised to see Mom let Sienna play in the mud.  Of course Mom was yelling at Sienna not to drink the puddle water.  Since it was early in the morning, there were only 3 other dogs at the park.  We met Aussies Blue and Chance.  Blue started rolling around the puddle as Sienna watched.  Then we continued playing tag.  When Mom and I were playing fetch, Sienna found another water hole and started digging.  She had a jolly good time.  I stayed away from it because I know what's in store for me when we get home.  Sienna and Blue continued playing in the mud but luckily, she did not imitate Blue by rolling around it.  I got a wipe down and Sienna got a bath.  At 9 mos old, this is only her 5th bath and I did not hear her scream.  She tried to escape but she was on lock down.   I tried to groom her afterwards but she  kept growling at me as she wants to be left alone.    

Dirty girl




Thanks Mom, I had a great time!
Nice and clean and napping after her bath.

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bertieMC said...

Oh Sienna, you look so beautiful even with your muddy face. Looks like you really had a good time. Too bad your brother didn't want to join in the fun. ;)