Thursday, August 25, 2011

Tied to the Hips

Being tethered to Sienna is a pain.  I need more leg room and freedom.  She's always going somewhere when it's time to  sit and rest.  Don't get me wrong, I love her dearly but 24/7?  I need some space.  I prefer a one on one walk. We had a routine for awhile, Mom takes her early in the morning (which is perfect since I like to sleep late) and Dad takes me out at night.  Then we go to the dog park together 4 times a week.  Yet lately, we have been walking together which is a drag.  I have to think of ways to get out from this scenario.

Am not having a good time

Hard to chase a duck with my ball and chain next to me :)

I won't budge, time to rest and smell the grass.

Sienna, sit down.

No Sienna, I won't go. Sit down!

For the upteenth time, I'm serious little sis, sit your shiba arse down!

See Sienna, isn't the shaded area nice?

We saw some Canadian geese but could not chase it.  Mom won't let go of the 40 ft. leash cos' it's not allowed.   She needs a longer leash.  :-p  

Short time at the beach.  Mom can't handle the both of us.  We were getting tangled up.  The seaweed attacked our leash. :-)

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Sasha said...

Sinjin...but you and Sienna must be adorable walking together!! Watch out for those Canadian think they can run/fly towards you pretty fast!!