Monday, August 8, 2011

Boy Interrupted

One dog is good.  Two dogs is still pretty good.  But 3 dogs?  That's crazy.  Charlie was on a trial run for a week to see if we can get along.  It lasted 24 hours.  Charlie needed to be re-home.  Mom and Dad really liked him but they have no experience fostering dogs.  He is 3 years old.  After we picked him up, we went to a dog park before our trip home.  Neither of us played at the park and Sienna kept barking at him.  When we got home, he explored our place and I followed him around.  He kept marking spots in the backyard and I would mark it back.  Dad took me for a walk.  Sienna was still a little leery but played with Charlie for a few minutes and was able to enjoy their bones in peace simultaneously. When I got back, I saw Charlie go into my toy box and I tried to pull the toy out of his mouth but he won't give it up.  It escalated into a growling match. That's when Mom took all the toys away.  I heard Dad say, ' Sinjin, don't be such a prick ' several times. Hahaha... Then Dad took Charlie for a walk.  He said Charlie is strong and he didn't give him a hard time about putting his leash on.  After 5 hours, we actually had fun and Charlie even did the Shiba500.  Mom and Dad smiled at each other as if to say "Yes, that's a good sign." Throughout the night, we had moments of playfulness but it wasn't enough.  There were too many stare downs and competition for playtime with Mom and Dad.  We clashed a lot and they had to separate us.  Don't even let me go on about food.  What a nightmare!   Mom kept the spray bottle at all times.  What I don't get is why she keeps spraying me and not Charlie?  Hmmph!!!  Mom even 'jailed' us while she fed Charlie.  I don't like being on the other side of the gate! That's Sienna's place.  Charlie did not like his new bed.  Sienna took over and positioned herself on the bed comfortably. He also did not like to be in his own room.  He preferred to sleep in the kitchen or living room floor.  Since I like the couch, Dad slept in the living room with us.  Charlie kept pacing. He did not get much sleep.  He misses his family.  Both of us barked a few times when we heard people outside.  There were a few more skirmishes throughout the night between the two of us.  Dad slept holding the spray bottle with him.  :)  Mom and Sienna were in the bedroom with the door shut and not a care in the world.  I did hear Sienna give a soft bark when Charlie and I were barking.  She's funny.  By 5 am, Mom took over guard duty while Dad went back to sleep in the bedroom.  Charlie was being playful and we played again, just the 2 of us.  But when he wanted to play with Mom, I growled at him.  Mom took him for a quick walk while Sienna and I have our breakfast.  Charlie had his breakfast in the backyard when he got back.   Dad woke up and greeted Charlie in that sweet higher pitched voice reserved for me and Sienna which I resented.   Dad tossed a toy to play with him and both of us went for it and then we went for each other.  Big mistake!  This time, Mom sprayed both of us while Dad held us apart.  Sienna was barking at Charlie when he and I were butting heads.  Mom took me outside.  Even though he is bigger than me, there was no way I was going to back down in my house.  I had the final approval.  There was too much tension and letting him stay here for the rest of the week is not good for my sanity.  Remember, it's all about me.  Plus, since I still had my flesh wound from last Wednesday,  this latest tete-a- tete alarmed Mom.  Believe me, you do not want to hear her screaming.  ;-p  I wish you well Charlie, you are good friendly dog but both of us have strong personalities.  It wasn't meant to be.  I hope you will find a home where you are the top dog because there can only be one in this household.  Next time, ladies only please. 

A cutie patootie according to Mom
At the dog park




I was peeking through the gate while Charlie enjoyed his chew. Not cool Mom!
I finally let him play with my toy.






Sienna looks on as I tell Charlie to "respect my authoritah!"
Morning sun

Sienna taking over the new bed. :)

Charlie telling Mom "hurry up, I want to go home"

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Sasha said...

Awww Sinjin, too bad it did not work out with Charlie, he looks like a real sweetheart!! I love his adorable face!! I hope your bite from the other day is getting better!!