Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Danger Stranger

It's bound to happen.  I'm an active dog.  It started out as play and it turned into something that scared the bejeebus out of Mom.  I was playing with the 2 dogs that just arrived and before too long, they ganged up on me and one of them bit me by the neck.   Sad to say that they were pit bulls.  No pics.  Mom was busy screaming.  :) I never had problems with pits before.  Usually, I get pick on by Labs.  Granted this is the first time I have met these 2 dogs. We never played before.  They were only at the park for 5 minutes.  It's a good thing that both owners of the dogs were quick to react.  They came and pulled their dogs off me while Mom screamed loudly to distract the dogs.  She didn't have her spray bottle this time.  I yelped of course and continued 'crying' as Mom looked me over.  She didn't see any visible wound and I was not bleeding.  Mom asked for personal info of the dog owner.  The man was genuinely concern for my well being.  We were going to leave the park but he said they were going to leave.  He didn't want another incident.  Sienna was by the gate.  She's smart that way as she stayed away from the commotion.  She came over later to check on me.  Another check and Mom saw a wound and  Bishop's human offered his hydrogen peroxide which happened to be in his car.  She cleaned my wound when we got home and applied the antibiotic ointment.  I guess no dog park action for me for a couple of weeks.  Better that than a cone.


Sienna posing

Having a good time before the incident


New friend 10 year old Bishop, an American Staffordshire
She's in good shape for her age.  Only grain-free food for her.




Sasha said...

Oh no Sinjin...I am so sorry to hear you were bitten by a pit bull. Am relieved you were not seriously injured and that Sienna stayed back.

CJ said...

Good thing it wasn't serious. I'd be screaming too if I were in your Mom's situation. Have a good rest and feel better Sinjin!

TsinTsin said...

Oh, that was scary hearing about your encounter with the pit bull. I hope they don't visit your dog park again and that the owner does some heavy duty training with his dog!

You and your sis Sienna are so beautiful together!

Magic said...

I'm not really fond of pitbulls, i don't like them actually. we went to a shiba meetup last sunday on a dog beach.. Most of the shibas were on leash, then there was this two pitbulls off leash running around towards us wanting to play and got too rough on Chloe, she cried but good thing its nothing serious.. i don't blame the dogs, but the owners should be a bit responsible.

jen said...

Bummer about the bite :(
Two of my dogs were recently bit by our foster, shibas are indeed dramatic about their injuries!