Monday, August 22, 2011

No more Kisses

I smell like oatmeal.  Aside from the obvious reason, I hate baths because Mom likes to pick me up, hug me, and give me kisses.  Waah, I'm too old for this baby stuff.  It's bad enough she talks in baby talk but kissing me in public is embarrassing.  Too much PDA, I'm a shiba after all.  But what can I do but give a big 'sigh' and give in.  It seems to make her happy.  I'm lucky I don't get the blow dry treatment after a bath cos' I really really really hate that.  And how come Sienna didn't get a bath?  She's stinkier than me.

Cleaning myself after a towel dry

Snack Time


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shibasenji said...

Oh wow... they're getting really close to the same size now, are they?