Monday, August 29, 2011

Grass is Good

Sienna turned 9 months old yesterday and we celebrated by going shopping and going to the park.   We had fun scavenging for kibbles on the floor as we go from aisle to aisle.  At the park, I chased a few tiny dogs and rolled around on the grass. Sienna preferred to play fetch than play with other dogs. We met this Boston Terrier pup and he was very friendly.  He wanted to play with Sienna but she was not interested.    


Hello there little boy! Just to let you know that I will snap at you if you try smelling my butt without my permission.
You may now smell me.


No fish around, so we got to roll on the grass without being interrupted.  Why do I do this?  Because it's fun, it makes me happy, and I'm honoring an inherited trait from my wolf ancestors.


I chased this chihuahua and tried to steal his toy but his Mom came over to reprimand me. 


Tokyo said...

Happy 9mos Birthday Sienna! It looks like you had a great day -woof!

Sinjin said...

Sienna said thanks and wishes you live nearby. She actually engaged you and had fun playing with you at the picnic. She doesn't usually do that. She has yet to find a 'regular' buddy to play with aside from me. ;)