Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Yippee ki-yay

Hooray for Sienna!  She was actually playing with other dogs.  Mom was extremely delighted by Sienna's progress.  Initially, she was at the big dog area running around and was having fun exploring until she got overwhelmed when 4 dogs ( an English Spaniel, a Catahoula, a Retriever, & a Pointer) wanted to check her out at the same time.   With tail down and cowering, that was Mom's cue to move her to the smaller dog area.  Sienna got to experience the big dog park for about 10 minutes.  I was left behind but eventually went to the smaller park because I stopped playing with my buddies when Mom and Sienna left. 



Chasing Kobe

And this was taken a couple of days ago at Dog Park B

Getting to know Zorro




Birthday smile,  5-month old tomorrow


ABronte said...

Happy Birthday Sienna! Nice to see you playing with other dogs. So cute.

teacupmom said...

What a great smile! The last picture was simply adorable. Happy Birthday Sienna! You are just so pretty.

Jerry said...

Hey Sienna, I know this is very late but:


Love the pic of you and your pink tennis ball...

Love you!