Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Still Not Comfy

Instead of taking Sienna to our local  park, we took her to dog park F about 25 minutes away because they have a better area for smaller dogs.  This is her 3rd park visit and this time, we stayed longer.  A couple of dogs invited Sienna to play but she is still timid.  I was on the other side of the fence having fun.


Met a chubby basenji, check out his tail

The following day, we went to dog park A and there was only one dog at the small area.  Sienna actually had fun when the other dog left.  Then Dad lifted me up to her side and we played some more. When another small dog entered, I was handed back to the other side of the fence.  Hmmph!  I'm not a piece of luggage!
Saying 'hello' to Mochi



tikarex said...

You are so funny Sinjin..they passed you back and forth like a "piece of luggage" will be having a grand time at the parks when you get over your will probably happen soon!! Beautiful pictures Rangda..thanks!!

shibasenji said...

I am amused by the chubby basenji... you really don't see to many with a figure like that. ;)

Had to do a double-take because his markings are VERY similar to Bowpi's!

Surprised that Sienna is still so timid. I thought big brother Sinjin would lead the charge! But maybe her personality is developing to *complement* his, not necessarily to rival his.