Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Smells Like Teenage Spirit

Just before 3 am on Tuesday, I heard noises outside.  Obviously, I did my duty and barked away.  Gotta protect ma familia.  Mom peeked through the window and saw a couple of teenagers hanging around outside our front yard.  When Mom turned the lights on, they ducked behind our car so Mom couldn't see their faces.  Mom was gonna call the police (neighborhood watch) but as soon as she heard their car take off, she sat next to me for about 10 minutes while I fall asleep.  She petted me for being a good guard dog.


Sienna and I enjoying the sun. 




Still shy but getting there


I was on the other side but Sienna eventually came over to our side to meet some of my BIG friends :)
Sugar wanted to make friends with Sienna


Meeting Hannibal and Marley

Hannibal asking Sienna to come down from the table so they can play

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tikarex said...

Watch dog Sinjin - you did a good job!! Sienna seems to be losing her baby looks and is a lovely young girl!!