Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Ears

Finally!  Mom captured Sienna's happy ears since she can never seem to get me. ;-p  Sienna was left behind at home as I have my one on one with Mommy.  She was so excited to see us when we came home.  We were only gone for a couple of hours.  The following day, I was home by myself while Sienna goes to class.  Not cool. 




Sienna raised her paw to volunteer for class demonstration.  What a brown nose!  She really just wanted the treats the teacher was giving.  Smart girl.  


tikarex said...

The happy ears and little tongue - can't get any cuter than that!!! Sienna was such a good student at class too!! Great pics and video Rangda..thanks!!

Yoshi and Family said...

Sienna is such a smart Shiba! Smartest pup in her class!