Monday, April 18, 2011

Four Eyes

Another fun weekend  doing Sienna's homework.  The teacher noted that she's a little better in class.  She almost joined recess but preferred to observe.  I think she's more of a geek academic type.  She did well with her basic commands, at least much better than I did as I recall. (^_^)
Sienna showing off her missing teefs
And a raspberry for  Mom

Me being handsome with my blue steel look ;)



Really tired after playing hard

Sienna's classmates having fun while she looks on



Sienna was the only one at the park so I joined her after a few minutes.



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tikarex said...

You are a handsome boy indeed Sinjin!! Love the picture of Sienna showing off her missing's adorable. Just have to mention also the beautiful pink tree all in!!