Sunday, April 3, 2011

Bashful Sienna

No sheebing way!  I would never describe sis as the demure type.  She's one of the ballziest pups I know.  But in class yesterday, she did not want to socialize with the other dogs.  I know I would be pouncing on them.  Ah yes, it seems like a year ago that I did that.  ;)  So the teacher isolated the 3 wanting pups in class in one corner in hopes that they would play together.  Sienna was the only girl and the first day of class was mostly recess.  She did great with 'sit' and 'down' and 2 minutes before the class ended, she was sniffing around the next dog to her who was inviting her to play which was  a good sign.  I'm sure she will eventually enjoy playing with the other pups.  Dad walked me around while Sienna and Mom were in class and then we all went to dog park E for my benefit.
Running away to the corner






This is how it's done Sienna- Showing fangs and seeking refuge .





Daisy was hovering Mom, she smells liver treats.

This was on Friday at dog park A with new friend Toby

Kelsey just wanted to be petted by humans. Smart girl.
Picking on Chloe

This is Henrietta.  I was trying to figure out how to steal one of  her balls.  According to her human, she likes to hoard them and can carry 4 tennis balls in her mouth.

Oscar and Leonardo

Zoey is a playmate since I was 6 month old.  She used to go to dog park B a lot but lately, the big dogs have been picking on her so she's back at dog park A. She's the fastest dog I know.

Simba telling me to chase him around


bertieMC said...

It's ok Sienna, take your time and follow your bro's lead. You'll get the hang of it. Sinjin, you look so cute trying to steal that ball. =)

Jerry said...

Hey Sinjin and Sienna,looks like you both had a good time at the dog parks! Sienna you are such a cute little will be playing with the others in no always manage to find a yorkie at one of the parks....

Sinijn you are just as beautiful as ever! So regal looking!! You take good care of your baby sister...

Have fun kids!!!