Thursday, June 17, 2010


When we go for a walk, I like to walk and stop. I just want to stay in one place and chill---roll around the grass, have a taste, and sniff around. I don't particularly care for continuous walking and I certainly don't like it when either Mom or Dad tugs on the leash when they want to get going. I go when I'm ready.

I like to take a nap after destuffing a toy 8-)

I got to see some geese. Mommy was such a killjoy for not letting me go after it.

I got to play with the big dogs last night until Milo the pug came in later. Buddy got a little rough with me but I didn't give up. He is a lab/pit mix rescue dog formerly abused by his first owners. Then there's Dug the Bernese mountain dog (he slimed me, yuck), Sasha the German Shepherd (she knocked me down a few times), Hiro the 5-month old ridgeback, and Penny the retriever. I slept like a baby when I got home.

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tikarex said...

You don't want to chase the geese Sinjin...they would put the run to you I'm afraid...LOL!!