Monday, June 7, 2010


Mom found these shoes the other day under the bed. At first Mom said, "Oh no!" Then she laughed it off. I got one of each from them. They weren't even mad although Dad said, "but he got the expensive shoe" so Mom quickly reminded him not to punish me because he did not catch me in the act. Dad threw the shoes out but decided to keep both of them for me to chew on.

My parents and their friends had dinner here.  They should have changed the sign to 'ShibaHolic' for I could have probably joined them for dinner.

We left the picnic and went to a friend's house. I got to go to the dog park for another hour. I just don't know where I get this energy. You would think I would be tired from the activities earlier.
  Another shiba in Hawaiian costume.  I was just glad my Mom decided not to make me dress up in silly costumes.  Also, I was soooooo lucky not to be penned up or crated like most of the shibas who are not participating in contests. 

More videos with Maya -----------------

Maya got a little too close to my toys and I did not like it one bit.  "It's mine, mine" I told her.  She might be a pretty young thing but honey, stay out of my toys.
                         Bonus trip to the dog park.                             

And this is me today enjoying my new chew.  :-)


Chris said...

Mom & Dad's shoes make the best chews don't they Sinjin?

Sinjin, the shiba wanderer :) said...

And how! Very tasty ;-)

Jerry said...

Sinjin you were the cool dude to the all the girls this past weekend weren't you???
I bet you slept really good the night of the were so busy playing and eating real chicken....yum!
Loved all your pictures and videos.Thank your mommy for me honey!

Jerry said...

Rangda, this is Palma, I don't have any of the profiles that are asked for when I make a comment. So Jerry is a friend of mine. when you see Jerry from google its me!!!

Sinjin, the shiba wanderer :) said...

Hello Auntie Palma :)
I had the best time at the picnic. All I wanna do is have fun and play with a lot of shibas. I hardly get to see my own kind so this was a treat. But you know, I love all dogs. I will play with anyone who is as friendly as I am as long as they don't mess with my toys. ;-P