Saturday, June 12, 2010


My beautiful curly tail. 

     This is Barney.  This is our 2nd meeting and we had a ball playing. 

                  I stole Reuben's toy.  He tried to get it back but I I'm faster than him. :-)
         Me, Reuben and Kuma
 Here's a 3/4 Shiba I met and he is 2 years old.   His name is Kuma.  His dad is a full shiba and his mom is half shiba half shih tzu.

With Barney and other dogs

And let's not forget the ladies, I briefly played with Charlamaine.


Jerry said...

Rangda, you have been very busy today!! First Woofstock..thank you for all the great pictures and report on the show. Then I see your long post on Sinjin's tail! What a hoot! You and your husband sure provide Sinjin with activity..and socialization....thanks for all the pics today!!

tikarex said...

Yes Sinjin..your tail is beautiful!! Loved the pictures of you by the water..was that a feather in your mouth? You were a busy boy having lots of fun playing with your friends!!

Chris said...

Sinjin your tail is just beautiful and your legs are getting so long! I know you're thankful you have such a good mom and dad!