Saturday, June 19, 2010

From Bad to Good Day

 I have 2 new toys because this morning I got microchip.  I got all excited because we went to Pet Food Express and I saw a bunch of dogs lining up.  I thought we were getting food.  It went so fast that I didn't even scream.  There was no anesthesia.  The vet was very gentle and I liked him.  Mom bought a couple of toys and a bully stick. Then we went to a dog park as another treat for me.  A few young ladies went goo goo for me. They thought I was so cute.  They have never seen a shiba before.  I was very sleepy when we got home.  It felt like a long day. 


   Sophie and Buster

There was a little boy who wanted to play with me but I kept running away.  I rather hang out with my buddies.

Me hanging and enjoying the breeze by someone's garage.


Yoshi and Family said...

Sinjin! I'm so proud of you! You were so good at Pet Food Express for your MicroChipping! Woohoo! Glad your Mommy got you treats and new toys as your reward. Good boy!

tikarex said...

Good boy didn't feel a thing did you? You got new toys and got to go to the park..what a day!!